[GRASS-user] Result of v.hull into solid 3D polygon with volume

Vilem Ded Ded.V at seznam.cz
Thu Feb 15 10:09:46 PST 2018

I wonder if the 3D result of  "v.hull" function can be converted into object
of type "volume"? 
Right now it is giving me just faces of the 3D polygon and 1 kernel. Which 
is according to specifications ("The 3D hull will be composed of triangular 
faces. ")

Moreover I wanted to import this object into PostGIS as one 3D spatial 
polygon and make it solid (i need to compute volume and overlay with 
points), but of course it was imported as bunch of 3D polygons represinting 
those faces. And making 3D solid polygon (ST_MakeSolid?) in PostGIS is 
probably question for another mailing list. 

Thank you
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