[GRASS-user] Multiple `r.proj` requests on the same raster map(s)

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Sat Feb 24 12:25:26 PST 2018

Dear community,

I am asking for help to "debug" a situation.

One ETRS89-based location, one Mapset with hundreds of land cover raster
map tiles.

Then, hundreds of UTM Zones-based Locations, subset of the WRS2 grid.

Multiple `r.proj`es are running in parallel. However, only one at a time
from inside one Mapset inside the respective UTM-Zone-based Location,
requesting for one land cover raster map tile from the ETRS89-based Location.

And, each `r.proj` is isolated running inside an independent docker container.

To the question. Some tiles are cross-cut by more than one UTM-Zone.
Hence, it happens that many UTM-Zones will/might request to read the
same land cover raster map tile at the same time.

That is one write per target Mapset/Location, yet highly probable
concurrent read requests to the same raster map(s) in the source

Is this bad?

Thank you, Nikos
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