[GRASS-user] Multiple regions: same bounds, different resolutions

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Oct 9 06:08:51 PDT 2018

   To have a region (based on a vector map) with different resolutions for
different models would this sequence of commands work?

g.region vect='vector_map' # default resolution is 1m
g.region save='res_1m'
g.region res=500
g.region save='res_500m'

   Then I would set the region as needed for a model by specifying
g.region name='res_1m'
g.region name='res_500m'

   Some models work on a small area where the 1m resolution is needed while
other models act on much larger areas and benefit from a larger resolution.

   If there's a more appropriate way to have multiple resolutions based on
teh same source I want to learn about those.



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