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Stefan Blumentrath Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Fri Oct 12 07:24:12 PDT 2018

Hi Frank,

The error message you sent is related to d.legend module, which you may have called from the graphical user interface, more particular the map window, in order to add a legend to a map display.

If you have a visible legend in your map display, double click it in order to change the range parameter. That should fix the error message.

Or do you have other issues as well?


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Subject: Re: [GRASS-user] r.category

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your reply. But I did not use cat=range option. I only do r.category map=mymap separator=":" rules=rulefic.txt

with rulefic.txt like :

1:1 to 2
2:1 to 2
3:3 to 4
4:3 to 4
5:5 to 6

Is something missing ?
Le 12/10/2018 à 15:02, Stefan Blumentrath a écrit :

Hi Frank,

You need to specify the range option as range=0,8 (instead of range=0-8 as you did).



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Subject: [GRASS-user] r.category

Hello grass users,

I have an error message in the console when I open some rasters with witch I've done a r.category.

"Failed to run command 'd.legend

raster=ZVT_nac_projet_hoht2__BDalti75_a1_8_sum at derval title=nacelle color=white range=0-8 at=5.0,50.0,6.9,9.9 thin=3'. Details:

ERROR: Option <range> must be provided in multiples of 2

     You provided 1 item(s): 0-8"

a r.describe display :

* 0.000000-0.031373 0.972549-1.003922 1.976471-2.007843 2.980392-3.011765

3.984314-4.015686 4.956863-4.988235 5.960784-5.992157 6.964706-6.996078


r.report display :

|       0-0.031373|from

to                                                   |


to                                                   |


to                                                   |


to                                                   |


to                                                   |


to                                                   |


to                                                   |


to                                                   |

|       7.968627-8|from

to                                                   |

|                *|no data

I don't understand what the error message means (in red color in the

console) ?

Thank your for your help !



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