[GRASS-user] Cannot display raster maps

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Mon Oct 15 08:47:24 PDT 2018

   Running 7.7.svm r73534.

   When I try to display a raster DEM map in the monitor this message and
traceback displays:

Rendering failed: Overlays multiple PPM image files.
g.pnmcomp input=name[,name,...] [mask=name[,name,...]]
[opacity=value[,value,...]] output=name [output_mask=name] width=value
height=value [bgcolor=name] [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose]
[--quiet] [--ui]
input   Name of input file(s)
mask   Name of input mask file(s)
opacity   Layer opacities
output   Name for output file
output_mask   Name for output mask file
width   Image width
height   Image height
bgcolor   Background color
ERROR: g.pnmcomp: Sorry, <-> is not a valid flag
ERROR: g.pnmcomp: Sorry, <o> is not a valid flag


Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/gui/wxpython/mapwin/buffered.py", line 924, in _updateM
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/gui/wxpython/mapdisp/main.py", line 298, in Render
     return Map.Render(self, *args, **kwargs)
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/gui/wxpython/core/render.py", line 1249, in Render
     self.renderMgr.Render(force, windres)
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/gui/wxpython/core/render.py", line 603, in Render
     if self._renderLayers(env, force) == 0:
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/gui/wxpython/core/render.py", line 542, in _renderLayers
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/etc/python/grass/pydispatch/signal.py", line 229, in emit
     dispatcher.send(signal=self, *args, **kwargs)
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/etc/python/grass/pydispatch/dispatcher.py", line 349, in send
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/etc/python/grass/pydispatch/robustapply.py", line 60, in robustApply
     return receiver(*arguments, **named)
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/gui/wxpython/core/rend

There may be more but it cannot be displayed as the error window won't
scroll vertically.

   I've not before seen this error and have no idea how to respond. Your help
is needed.



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