[GRASS-user] Python script for template creation -i.atcorr module-reg

kameswari devi kams.devi at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 21:02:21 PDT 2018

Hello all,
I m trying to use Create_iwave.py for template creation in grass for
atmopsheric correction.But due to the spectral response values errors
are thrown. here i am sending the rsr i used and error i got .please
suggest me. thakn you

wav(nm)  B10
477 0.3744
478 0.6864
480 1
481 0.8624
482 0.6018
483 0.4434
486 0.377
487 0.667
488 0.968
489 1
490 0.760
491 0.590
492 0.455

python 2.7.13
File"C"\*****\interpolate.py",line 618,in_check_bounds
raise valueError("A value in x_new is above the interpolation"
ValueError: A value in x_new is above the interpolation range.

I have given rsr of hyperspectral sensor with narrow wavelength ranges
initially but same error is coming.I tried truncate bounds but of no
Actually i am new to python. so what function it internally using for
generation of interpolated template is not understood.Values should be
of 10nm or lesser or also can be used?
please provide me the solution.

kameswari devi P

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