[GRASS-user] Exporting set of raster cells with different values as one layer

Kalindu Perera kkc199408 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 21:42:44 PDT 2018

Dear all,

I'm doing wildfire simulations in the Grass. I need to calculate the area
of only the wildfire spread from the simulation. For that, I need to take
only the wildfire spread as a separate layer. But the drawback is the
values of the cells in the spread is different from point to point. But it
has a range. As an example, the values of cells inside the spread are
ranging from 1-90. The other cells in the map show values more than that.
Can I write a mapcalc command for a range like this to output these cells
as one layer?

@Nikos has sent me this mapcalc command and from that, we can take only
cells with one value as a layer.

r.mapcalc "category_3 = if(spread_time_observed == 3, 3, null())"

instead of that one value(3) in this can we input a range as above(1-90)
and get all those cells with different values as one layer?

Thank You
Best Regards
Kalindu Perera
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