[GRASS-user] accent encoding with ps.map

Frank David frank.david at geophom.fr
Tue Oct 30 02:55:55 PDT 2018

Hello all,

I'm using ps.map and I notice that accent are not well supported in 3 
cases :

- map scale units, for example "kilomètre" is displayed "kilomÄ"tre". I 
dont'see how to solve that

- for a selecting field in vector map, like [where myfield = "classé"] 
(does not work) while [where myfield = "classe"] (works if I change my 
"é" with "e" in the attribute data). I can solve that by adding an other 
field in my table without accent.

- labels : labels created with v.label seems to cannot support accent. 
Is there any way to solve this ?

my ps.map file are encoded in ISO-8859-1 and other text works well with 
accent. I saw that an environment variable exist : GRASS_DB_ENCODING but 
I don't know how to see it and if I change if it would damage my data 
table ...

Is anybody can advice me ?

I'm using Grass 7.4.1 on debian9

Thank you for your help,


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