[GRASS-user] r.in.wms problems in grass7.7.svn (73379)

Hernán De Angelis dhdeangelis at comhem.se
Sat Sep 22 07:57:28 PDT 2018

Dear users,

I am consistently experiencing an error in grass 7.7.svn (73379) when 
trying to read a WMS (see below).

This error was not present in my previous grass 7.5.svn installation and 
is not present in my currently installed grass 7.4.1 in the same 
machine. It seems to affect every WMS server I have tried, while those 
same servers are accessed without problems from grass 7.4.1, QGIS and 
could be accesed with grass 7.5.svn up to yesterday.

Both 7.4.1 and 7.7.svn were compiled today against the same gdal 
(2.3.1), geos (3.6.3) and python (2.7.14).

Is anyone else experiencing issues like this?


Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/gui/scripts/d.wms", line 214, in <module>
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/gui/scripts/d.wms", line 207, in main
     temp_map = wms.GetMap(options, flags)
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/etc/r.in.wms/wms_base.py", line 215, 
in GetMap
     self.temp_map = self._download()
   File "/usr/local/grass-7.7.svn/etc/r.in.wms/wms_drv.py", line 232, in 
   File "/usr/local/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/osgeo/gdal.py", line 
1902, in SetProjection
     return _gdal.Dataset_SetProjection(self, *args)
TypeError: in method 'Dataset_SetProjection', argument 2 of type 'char 
const *'

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