[GRASS-user] Datum not recognized by Grass

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Mon Dec 2 00:49:35 PST 2019

I'm using EPSG 2932 and QGIS etc all are OK with it.

I have installed everything using OSGeo4W64, so how come Grass does not 
use the same projections database (as QGis etc)?
(and please can I have a pointer as to how to introduce EPSG 2932 to 
Grass 7.8.1)

Thanks and regards,

******** Running against: 
WARNING: Datum <Qatar_National_Datum_1995> not recognised by GRASS and 
no parameters found
Check if OGR layer <23103770_road_poly> contains polygons...
Creating attribute table for layer <23103770_road_poly>...
WARNING: Name <23103770_road_poly> is not SQL compliant. Must start with 
a letter.
Importing 28 features (OGR layer <23103770_road_poly>)...


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