[GRASS-user] S.K. Jenson and J.O. Domingue (1988) method to filter the elevation map

Luis Moreira lfsmmoreira at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 05:39:51 PST 2019

"Can you inform us about the new methods you had in mind?"

Well, there is a software (IPH-Hydro Tools) [from the Large Scale Hydrology
research group of the Institute of Hydraulic Research at the Federal
University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre, Brazil]  which gives us
three options as methods to remove depressions, namely:
Heuristic Search (HS), Priority First Search (PFS) and Modified Heuristic
Search (MHS).
Do you know if GRASS uses one of theses methods?

As for my previous question:
I read in Grass manual:
"r.fill.dir filters and generates a depressionless elevation map and a flow
direction map from a given raster elevation map. The method adopted to
filter the elevation map and rectify it is based on the paper titled
"Extracting topographic structure from digital elevation model data for
geographic information system analysis" by S.K. Jenson and J.O. Domingue
I just want to know if indeed r.fill.dir function still operates precisely
in the same methodology described in the mentioned paper. I am asking
specifically about r.fill.dir, no r.watershed or other funcion.

Thank you in advance!

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