[GRASS-user] Transparent points in ps.map output

Johannes Radinger johannesradinger at gmail.com
Thu May 9 00:38:03 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I'm using ps.map to produce nice GRASS maps that combine some vector lines
(vlines) and points (vpoints).

For the points I want to distinguish between two types (presence and
absence of species at a location) by using different colouring/filling: One
set of vpoints should be printed as black-filled circles the other set
should be transparent circles (i.e. just the outer line, no filling). If
possible, I'd like to provide this information via the 'rgbcolumn' argument
of vpoints in ps.map.

While using a value of '0:0:0' in the rgbcolum for black-filled circles
works well, using "none" in the rgbcolumn does not work to produce
transparent circles, i.e. circles with no filling. This rather raises an
error "Invalid RGB colour definition in column". I also couldn't find any
answer here:

How can I set a point transparent (i.e. no filling) in ps.map?

Thanks for yours answers!
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