[GRASS-user] d.mon vs g.gui

Tyler Smith tyler at plantarum.ca
Fri May 10 14:39:08 PDT 2019


I'm an occasional GRASS user, currently working with GRASS 7.6 on Debian. Since I often go months between GRASS sessions, I like to work in text mode with scripts.  My scripts are useful 'cheatsheets' to figure out how to reproduce my work.

However, I've noticed that the display that's available via `d.mon start=wx0` doesn't work as well as the visually identical display I can get with `g.gui`. For example, plotting large vector maps on `wx0` I often find I can't get multiple maps to display at once, or if I zoom or pan the display stops refreshing and I'm stuck with a blank screen. These problems don't occur with the g.gui system.

Having just tediously transferred several complex `d.vect` commands from my script to the gui "add a vector map", I was hoping there was a way I could continue to enter my scripts at the terminal prompt, and have the display commands directed to the g.gui map window. If I open `g.gui` and try that, I get the following error:

ERROR: Neither MONITOR (managed by d.mon command) nor
       GRASS_RENDER_IMMEDIATE (used for direct rendering) defined

Is there anyway to combine the convenience of scripting at the terminal with the reliability of the g.gui display windows?




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