[GRASS-user] v.kernel - Points weighted with attribute ?

Tais tgrippa at ulb.ac.be
Mon Oct 21 03:33:50 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I would like to compute a raster density map ("heat map") from vector 
points using v.kernel. The points represent house addresses. However, I 
would need to weight the points with a value stored in the attribute 
table (number of inhabitants). I saw on the module manual page that this 
functionality is a "known issue".

I imagined a solution to by-passe the limitation: duplicate each point 
as many time as needed (according to the value stored in the attribute 
table) and use this new layer directly in v.kernel. However, I think it 
will definitely not be the most efficient way to do the trick. Do you 
have an alternative in mind ?

Of course the best solution would be that someone in the development 
community would have the time and the kindness to implement this 
function directly in the module (I'm not skilled in C and thus cannot 
try myself).

NB: Sorry if I should have posted this on the developer mailing list. I 
hesitated but decided to post here finally.



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