[GRASS-user] r.sim.water simulation considering dams

Johannes Radinger johannesradinger at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 02:16:22 PST 2020

Dear GRASS users,

maybe someone of you has already worked with r.sim.water while considering
dams as impermeable structures that retain water, i.e. create

I am wondering how to best specify dams within r.sim.water: There is the
parameter flow_control which is a raster map that indicates the
permeability of the landscape. The manual mentions here a permeability
ratio (0-1) and I guess this should be 0 for all cells that represent a dam
and 1 for all other cells of the computational region?!
But what about the elevation data then; Do I need to provide an
elevation raster that includes the dam height or should this be the
elevation as without dams?
I'd like to know whether I need to provide a flow_control map or an
elevation map that includes dams or both? I couldn't find any example of
r.sim.water that uses the flow_control parameter so far... any
ideas/experiences from your side?

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