[GRASS-user] problems installing extensions with g.extension

Vishal Mehta vishalm1975 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 13:30:48 PST 2020

I'm using Grass 7.4.1 on a WIndows 10 server, and am unable to successfully
install add-ons using g.extension. i'm interested in r.accumulate

g.extension -l list a large number of extensions, including r.accumulate

g.extension extension=r.accumulate

gives the following info:
Downloading precompiled GRASS Addons <r.accumulate>,,
Error: Extension not found <r.accumulate> not found

Any ideas how i can install it?

(FYI, i'm most comfortable with GRASS on Linux and bash scripting, but i
have to use Windows for reasons beyond my control)


Vishal K. Mehta, PhD
Sr. Scientist
Stockholm Environment Institute - US
133 D St Suite F
Davis CA 95616
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