[GRASS-user] i.segment vs. i.segment.gsoc

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Thu Jun 11 06:30:34 PDT 2020

On 11/06/20 13:36, mbrauchler at posteo.de wrote:
> Thank you for the explanation! I assumed gsoc version is build upon 
> i.segment.
> Is there any way to include the shape parameters in i.segment? I am very 
> fond of the gsoc version as it helps surpress segments growing to very 
> complex geometries (shadows through the forest patches for example).

There was some reasons why the shape parameters were not integrated in 
i.segment, but I can't remember why. Some code is actually there, but 
currently it is not used.

MarkusM, do you remember ? And how complicated would it be to integrate 
them ?


> Kind regards,
> Melanie
> On Jun 11, 2020 12:52 PM, Moritz Lennert <mlennert at club.worldonline.be> 
> wrote:
>     i.segment.gsoc is the original version developed during GSoC.
>     i.segment is ann optimized version that was originally based on the
>     GSoC work, but has known different developments since, including in
>     the way the threshold parameter is applied.
>     I would recommend using i.segment.
>     Moritz
>     Am 10. Juni 2020 13:13:33 MESZ schrieb mbrauchler at posteo.de:
>      >Hello list,
>      >I am working on segmentation of aerial imagery in forest areas and
>     have
>      >
>      >used both modules (i.segment and i.segment.gsoc) for some
>     experiments.
>      >When running i.segment and i.segment.gsoc with radioweight = 1 on the
>      >same dataset with a threshold of 0.3, I assumed the output should be
>      >similar, but it isn't.
>      >In the manual of i.segment.gsoc it is stated that the threshold
>     will be
>      >
>      >multiplied by the number of rasters in the image group, so I tried a
>      >threshold of 0.1 in i.segment.gsoc vs a threshold of 0.3 in i.segment
>      >as
>      >I have 3 rasters in my image group. Although the results are now more
>      >similar, they still vary a lot.
>      >I have attached the images to show the derived segments from
>     i.segment
>      >0.3 and i.segment.gsoc 0.1. Can someone help me to understand why
>     this
>      >is happening? I would appreciate it.
>      >Kind regards,
>      >Melanie Brauchler
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