[GRASS-user] Statement Helmut Kudrnovsky

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Thu Jan 14 12:33:26 PST 2021

Dear GRASS GIS community,

I'm honored to be nominated for the PSC of this wonderful free and open
source GIS project.

For preparing this statement, I've done some archaeology work to find out
since when I'm part of and contribute to the community. :-)

it seems I'm around there in the mailing lists since about 16 years [1]. 

A few years later, I've got write access to the code base. My first commit
was about fixing some winGRASS standalone installer issues. back then, it
was still in the svn code repository. the cool thing is that the commit
history is still available after the switch to the github [2]. I've
contributed also some addons, e.g. v.fixed.segmentpoints, r.euro.ecosystem,
r.northerness.easterness, r.roughness.vector, r.valley.bottom.

For the OSGeo community, I've served as GSoC admin for a few years.

>From my professional background, as an ecologist I'm working in the field of
applied science and nature conservation. In this field, I'm trying to
promote the use of free and open (GIS) software.

Since the beginning, I'm involved in the windwows side of the GRASS GIS
world. :-)  e.g. testing on the windows platform; improving standalone
installer; packaging standalone and OSgeo4W; R-winGRASS bridge; helping on
windows issues in the mailing lists; etc.

I'll continue these activities. As a possibly elected PSC member, a mid term
vision is a completely automated preparing and packaging of winGRASS, e.g.
by github actions. a long term vision is to bring more community members
contributing, maintain and developing on the windwows side of the GRASS GIS

Proud to be part of such a innovative and friendly community !


best regards
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