[GRASS-user] Missing ps.map example

Robert Dzur rdzur at bhinc.com
Tue Jun 15 11:29:23 PDT 2021

Hi Moritz,

Thanks for your effort to look for this.  I appreciate your follow-up and I recall seeing this work earlier this year when Nikos initially inquired and thought you had an excellent ps.map work product.  I've always been a fan of ps.map especially for automating (bashing) up some map series and/or generating a map contact sheet.  On another semi-related topic, until recently I wasn't even aware of the GRASS 6 extension, ps.output by Jorge Tizado, but in checking out the documentation for that addon, I am quite impressed by that work as well.
Anyway, thanks again for taking the time out of your schedule to look for your ps.map work.



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Hi Robert,

Unfortunately I was not able to locate them in some archives I have here at home. I can check with some colleagues at the university when I see them next, but am not too hopeful. I was pretty sure that I had saved them somewhere, but just haven't been able to find them, so they must have gotten lost in the process.

I've sent a mail to the university IT department to see if they still have archives somewhere.

Best wishes,

Am 09.06.2021 03:19 schrieb Robert Dzur:
> Hi Moritz
>  I was curious if you might have located your ps map example from this
> thread. I note that the links are no longer available. If you could
> share your map / script, I would appreciate it.
>  Thank you.
>  Best
>  Rob
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>  > In http://homepages.ulb.ac.be/~mlennert/grass/psmap/index.html [1]
> there is  > this nice example  >
> http://homepages.ulb.ac.be/~mlennert/grass/psmap/ages.png [2]. The
> source  > code for it is missing. Any chance to get hands on it?
>  There is a chance but since I've left the unversity, I will have to
> dig  into some archives. I'll make it available ASAP.
>  Moritz
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