[GRASS-user] how create new mapsets in grass bash scripts in parallel (equivalent of grass78 -c /path/location/PERMANENT -e)

B H hemantbist at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 13:39:40 PDT 2021

I am trying to parallelize some scripts that currently run only one way .(
Currently scripts just create a new temporary mapset and run some commands
using --exec option of grass78)
My understanding is that I should follow this, however I am unable to
create a new mapset using this.

Here is what I have tried and failed
1)  grass78 executable cannot be run parallely from bash even  to just
create the mapset
2) g.mapset -c
3) g.proj -c

If there is a different way to create a new mapset, please let me know (I
am not sure if its as simple as copying some files from a template

#current grass scripts....
#Step 1: Create a new location with permanent mapset
grass78 -c  /path/location/PERMANENT -e

#Step2: run some commands using--exec option
grass78--exec v.in.ogr input='$inputfile' output=$vecoutname
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