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5.1 demo tour

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   <title>GRASS 5.1: A quick demo tour</title>

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GRASS 5.1: A quick demo tour
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<a href="index.html">Tutorial HOME</a> |
<a href="demo.html">Demo LOCATION</a> |
<a href="geom_storage.html">Geometry management</a> |
<a href="attrib_storage.html">Attribute management</a> |
<a href="examples.html">Usage Examples</a>

GRASS 5.1 is currently under development. It is neither complete (it still
contains only a few modules) nor it is intended to productional usage. 
Development releases are provided for people who want to help test, debug,
and improve GRASS 5.1. Knowing this, please read on.</i><br>
These examples described here may work or not. You are kindly invited to
send us further examples and/or code bugfixes/enhancements.</i>

<h2>A quick demo tour</h2>

First download the <a href="http://mpa.itc.it/radim/g51/">Sample GRASS 5.1
LOCATION</a> which is used throughout this tutorial.
The sample LOCATION "g51test" contains a script which demonstrates most
features of the new vector engine. To run this demo, start GRASS 5.1 with
the sample LOCATION "g51test-X" (X is the current version of the data set)
and the mapset "test". In the LOCATION directory you will find the
<tt>./tour</tt> shell script (example):

<div class="code"><pre>    
grass51 /home/username/grassdata51/g51test-8/test/

After entering GRASS, change into the LOCATION directory and start the demo

<div class="code"><pre>
cd /home/username/grassdata51/g51test-8/
g.region -dp

The README file in this directory contains descriptions of the sample maps.

Note: If the tour fails at a certain step, the version of the "g51test-X"
LOCATION does not correspond to current GRASS 5.1 version as installed on
your computer. Be sure to use latest code and sample data set. If this
doesn't help: congratulations, you have found a bug. Please report it to the
development team.

<h2>Further tests</h2>

Further tests can be done with following scripts in the same directory:

- imports 'mcat' and 'multi' ascii files from PERMANENT mapset to current
mapset, export again and compare with original files. Original and exported
files should be identical.</li>

- creates a 2D vector network "net" with attributes stored in a DBF file.
 Display it with:
 <div class="code"><pre>
 d.vect net
 nviz el=dem vect=net
 v.db.connect net
 v.info net

- generate big ascii file. Usage:
 <div class="code"><pre>
 ./gen.big output=name [n=value] [type=] [attr=value] [ver=value] [shape=value]
with: <br>
<i> &nbsp;&nbsp; n: number of rows and columns (def.: 10) <br>
 &nbsp;&nbsp; type: primitive type (def.: "plbc", point, line, boundary, centroid) <br>
 &nbsp;&nbsp; attr: y/n write attributes (def.: y) <br>
 &nbsp;&nbsp; ver: GRASS 5/4 version (def.: 5) <br>
 &nbsp;&nbsp; shape: area shape: r - rectangles, s - suns (def.: r)
 Example (takes a while, generates 100 * 100 = 10000 lines with 10000 areas
 with circle shape and 10000 islands):
 <div class="code"><pre>
 ./gen.big output=bigmap n=100 shape=s
 v.in.ascii in=bigmap out=bigmap
 v.info bigmap
 d.vect bigmap
 d.vect bigmap display=shape,cat lcolor=green

- generates a long line (curve)
 <div class="code"><pre>
 ./gen.long output=name [npoints=value]
with: <br>
<i> &nbsp;&nbsp; npoints: number of vertices (def.: 1000000)
 <div class="code"><pre>
 ./gen.long output=longcurve npoints=10000
 v.in.ascii in=longcurve out=longcurve
 v.info longcurve
 v.db.connect longcurve
 g.region vect=longcurve -p
 d.vect longcurve

- comparison between two formats: native x PostGRASS (using PostGIS)
Example: todo.

The other scripts stored in the LOCATION directory are internally used by
some demo scripts.

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