[GRASSweb-list]Antigen Notification:Antigen found FILE FILTER= *.scr file

ANTIGEN_DOAISD01001 ANTIGEN_DOAISD01001 at state.mt.us
Sun Jul 28 21:14:48 EDT 2002

A file that may contain a virus has been discovered to be attached to or
included in an email message you sent.  Please clean the file and/or your
computer before attempting to send this file again.  Our email system is
protected by virus scanning software and your file will not reach the
recipient until it is virus free.  

If you are attempting to send any of the following files, please note that
the State Email System is configured to block those files:

*.EXE, *.COM, *.PIF, *.SCR, *.BAT, *.BAS, *.CHM, *.CMD, *.CPL, *.HTA, *.JS,
*.JSE, *.SCT, *.SHB, *.VB, *.VBE, *.WSC, *.WSF, *.WSH, *.REG, and *.LNK

Please contact your intended recipient for alternate options for sending
these files. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Antigen for Exchange found a sua.scr matching FILE FILTER= *.scr file
The file is currently Purged.  The message, "Fwnested", was
sent from weblist  and was discovered in IMC Queues\Inbound
located at Montana/State1/DOAISD01001.

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