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--- NEW FILE: debian.html ---
From: Federico Di Gregorio <fog at debian.org>
Subject: [GRASS5] grass 5.0pre4 packaged

hi *,

the grass 5.0pre4 package is in the debian Incoming queue. for people
that don't have access to Incoming, the package can be downloaded from
the following address (high speed link, thanks to Alessandro Razeto):

			     <a href=http://l103.org/~fog>l103.org/~fog</a>

debian changelog follows, note that this package does not contain the
postgres related commands, i'll rebuild with postgres support in a few
days, after patching configure.in to look into POSTGRES_HEADERS/server
for some includes (the server subdirectory is new in 7.2).

 grass (4.99+5.0.0pre4-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * Removed postgres support until I get enough time to fix the sources
     and configure.in.
   * Enables freetype2 support.
   * Fixed documentation being in /ust/share/doc/html instead of
   * New upstream release.

Federico Di Gregorio
Debian GNU/Linux Developer & Italian Press Contact        fog at debian.org
INIT.D Developer                                           fog at initd.org
              All programmers are optimists. -- Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

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