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Dear Sirs,

As we are aware you are successfully working in the field of geographic informatics. We are also engaged in these activities, and we believe the cooperation of our companies will be of a mutual benefit. 

Our Company, INNOTER Geoinnovation agency, distributes Russian space images of surface being of high and middle resolution (from 1 to 20 m) all over the world.

We also distribute various products based on space images.

We have a license of the Federal Service of Geodesy and Cartography of Russia No РК 10231 of June 29th, 2000. Our main Russian partners are following: Russian Air -Space Agency, Ministry of Defense, Federal Service of Geodesy and Cartography of Russia, State research and production center PRIRODA. 

We are offering you the following products:


NEW:  Sets of control points for "digital outlines" (space images fragments, which contain control points images) and these control points geodetic coordinates for problems of processing of any "raw" space images solution.


NEW: Control points elements of external orientation and control points geodetic coordinates (GCP) with "digital outlines" (space images fragments, which contain control points images) of these points for provision of photogrammetric processing of  TK-350 stereo-images.


Digital Elevation Models (DEM) with elevation error from 3 to 10 m (RMSE) for all regions of the world covered by Russian space images.


Digital ortho-corrected images of high resolution with horizontal error from 1.5 to 20 m (RMSE).


Geocoded images providing a full information of surface. This item is composed of two components: ortho-corrected images and digital matrix of elevations. 


Analog and digital recordings of original images of high and middle resolution, received in different spectrum zones for all regions of the world.


Russian made topographic maps of 1:100 000 scale and less for any region of the world. Maps may be provided in hardcopies or as electronic documents. 


Products, similar to Carterra Reference - Carterra Precision ones of SPACE IMAGING Company, made with the use of InnoTer company's technologies based on the available DEM and Carterra Geo. These products correspond to the horizontal precision declared by Space Imaging but are of much lower price. 


Software "Z-Space" and "OrtoXY-Space" for the DEM development and ortho- conversions of any air and space images. 


Our Company has a databank of all Russian space images that are available for any region of the world. The information on availability of any images could be provided free. We are ready to cooperate in any other activities related to geomatics and looking forward to your suggestions. Our motto is "To meet at maximum customer's requirements at his minimum expenditures".


If our offer is not of interest to you, please be so kind as to inform us to the address: innoter at hotmail.ru, and we will exclude your Company from the file of our products potential users. 


Best regards,

Alexander Suchkov, general director "InnoTer"

    e-mail: innoter1 at innoter.com 

    ph:+7 (095) 274-4244, +7 (095) 275-8539

    fax:+7 (095) 274-4244







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