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--- index.html	18 Jun 2002 11:27:04 -0000	1.21
+++ index.html	18 Jun 2002 11:28:24 -0000	1.22
@@ -19,10 +19,11 @@
 implementation covers the new 3D multiattribute, multilayer vector library,
 a modified NVIZ and a few database management tools.</font>
-<li>PostGIS support implemented: <a
+<li><font face="Arial, Helvetica">
+PostGIS support implemented: <a
  documentation</a> (and <a href=http://postgis.refractions.net/>here</a> is
- the PostGIS site)</li>
+ the PostGIS site)</font></li>
 <font face="Arial, Helvetica"><b>Shortest path vector networking</b> (<a href=http://mpa.itc.it/radim/g51/d.path.jpg>screenshot</a>) - based on
 <a href=../dglib/>DGLIB (Directed Graph Library)</a></font></li>

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