[GRASSweb-list]cooperation for research in Bolivia

Carlos Saavedra saavedra at itc.nl
Wed May 22 13:17:51 EDT 2002

Dear GRASS 5.1 Team:

it is a pleasure to contact you in order to inquire help about the application of GRASS 5.1, i'm preparing my PhD proposal in GIS, and i have been invited to ITC for do that for 4 weeks,  my proposal is related to the application of erosion sediment transport and deposition models at different scales regional, watershed and local scale using GIS, i have heard and i found studies that have applied your program successfully and i would like to apply it to. I have several times to installed but simple i couldn't manage myself then i really would like to enquire the cd program installation, the modeling modules and data, to learn about it. for me this will be my last opportunity to access to internet due that in my country Bolivia i don't have access to internet because of my low economic  conditions, 
hopping your understanding and cooperation, 
with best regards,

Carlos Saavedra

Hengeloestraat 99 
Po Box 6
7500 AA Enschede
private box 59
The Netherlands,

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