[GRASSweb-list]Grass 5.0.0

Javier Perez javier.perez at jpmguides.com
Tue Oct 8 09:26:24 EDT 2002

Dear Mr. Neteler:

My name is Javier Perez and I work in a company called JPM Publications 
based in Lausanne (Switzerland). I'm in charge for implementing a GIS 
solution in it. I've never did this before. It represents a new 
challenge for me. I've seen many different products, but I'm really 
interested in GRASS 5.0.0 because it runs on Mac OS X. I visited your 
website and read almost all, but I still have some questions.

First of all does GRASS incorporate a spatial database that allowed us 
to store and manage different kind of data? The reason is that we have 
maps (not numeric) of different cities in which we have to collect many 
information about the stores like the location, the size, the kind of 
business, etc... The target will be to make some queries on the database 
that will show us on a map the different stores matching this query.

My second question is about the conviviality of the GUI. I know that we 
can either work with windows interface or with command line syntaxes. 
People in the company are far from being experts programmers that's why 
the conviviality of the interface must be intuitive.

Finally is it possible to import maps from Adobe Illustrator?

I want to thank you in advance for answering to my questions and I'm 
looking forward to having some news.

Sincerely yours, Javier Perez.

Javier Perez
JPM Publications
Av. William-Fraisse 12
1006 Lausanne

E-mail: javier.perez at jpmguides.com


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