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<h1>INSTALLATION OF GRASS/R interface</h1>

Package: <a href=index.html>GRASS/R interface</a>

Author: Interface functions by Roger Bivand <Roger.Bivand at nhh.no>, wrapper
        and helper functions modified from various originals by interface
Description: Interface between GRASS geographical information system and R,
        based on starting R from within the GRASS environment and chosen
        LOCATION and MAPSET. Wrapper and helper functions are provided for
        a range of R functions to match the interface metadata structures.

As an interesting option, <a href=http://cran.r-project.org/src/other/ess/>ESS</a> (emacs speaks statistics user interface)
works both on UN*X based and MS-windows based systems.


<h2>A) INSTALLATION on UN*X compilant SYSTEMS (Linux etc)</h2>

There are a number of configure flags that may be used to help
the R install script find the GRASS libraries: they are

        --configure-args=--grass5= (full path to your grass5 script)
        --configure-args=--gmake5= (full path to your gmake5 script)
        --configure-args=--zinclude= (full path to directory with zlib.h)
        --configure-args=--zlib= (full path to directory with libz.a)
        --configure-args=--interp (don't build compiled interface)

When GRASS lives in the standard /usr/local/grass5/ directory,
installation is simply done with:

  /usr/bin/R CMD INSTALL -c GRASS_version.tar.gz

(adjust the path to R and the version number of the interface)

If you have installed GRASS in another directory, you should specify
the "grass5" startup script directly during installation (example):

  /usr/bin/R CMD INSTALL --configure-args=--grass5=/opt/ssi/bin/grass5 GRASS_0.1-9.tar.gz

UNINSTALLATION on UN*X compilant SYSTEMS (Linux etc)

The following command uninstalls the GRASS/R interface (GRASS remains
untouched of course):



<h2>B) INSTALLATION on MS-Windows SYSTEM (XP, 2000 etc)</h2>

 - use either 'winGRASS with generic disply driver' (no Xserver needed) or 'winGRASS with XServer support'
 - <a href=http://cran.at.r-project.org/>R for MS-Windows</a>
 - GRASS/R interface from Roger Bivand (there is one version running both
   under UN*X and MS-Windows)

In general GRASS under Cygwin will connect to R for MS-Windows.
For the installation of R software please refer to the R web site.

Installation of the GRASS/R interface:
   1. ADD
   2. ADD

NOTE 1: When using the interface, ignore (if appearing) strange error messages
which are generated by the GRASS/R interface.

NOTE 2: We also succeeded to run R in GRASS on Cygwin in batch mode.

[Useful link? http://www.stats.ox.ac.uk/pub/Rtools/]

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