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   <title>GRASS 5.0.x roadmap </title>
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<a href=../index2.html><DEFANGED_IMG SRC="../images/grass.smlogo.gif" ALT="grasslogo"
ALIGN=CENTER></A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;GRASS 5.0.x roadmap

<h3>General feature roadmap for future 5.0.x releases:</h3>

<li> general datum transformation support (as provided by cs2cs from PROJ4)
<li> initial i18N support (already in CVS HEAD)
<li> other changes waiting in CVS HEAD [explain here]

<h3>Windows/Cygwin support roadmap for future 5.0.x releases:</h3>

It's still somewhat "experimental" (IOW, flaky), and is likely to 
remain so until the issues of:
<li> spaces in filenames (requires complete code overhaul)
<li> using tcltkgrass with Cygwin's Tcl/Tk package

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<a href="../index2.html">
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Send your GRASS 5 related<a href="mailto:weblist at grass.itc.it"> email</a>


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 <DEFANGED_IMG SRC="../images/gbanner.gif" BORDER=0 height=60 width=150></a>
-Send your GRASS 5 related<a href="mailto:neteler at itc.it"> email</a>
+Send your GRASS 5 related<a href="mailto:weblist at grass.itc.it"> email</a>

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