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 instructions</a>:</b> Create your own extensions to this GRASS user interface.
-The current version of TclTkGRASS is free of binary code. So it is usable
-on each flavor of unix - TclTkGRASS is platform indepentent! Required are
-the <b>TCL/TK 8.0 graphical libraries</b>. They will create all the buttons
-etc you see in the screenshot above. Check you computer if "wish8.0" is
-installed. If you find only "wish4.2" then you must install these 8.0 library
-version. You can simply compile them yourself, the package owns a configuration
-routine for your compiler. In the TclTkGRASS packages below you find the
-library compiling instructions. If you already have "wish8.0", feel happy
-- no more work! The source code for these Tcl/TK 8.0 library you find
-<a href="http://www.scriptics.com/products/tcltk/">here</a>
-(you must get the <i>unix sources</i> there!). If you are using Linux,
-SUN Solaris or SGI/Irix, you can also get the precompiled library-files
-<br>Check your computer for graphical libraries already being installed
-<p><i>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <tt>which wish8.0</tt></i>
-<p>If they are not installed, you may get the precompiled libraries depending
-on your platform or the source code:<b></b>
-<p><b>Tcl/Tk 8.0.5 source code:</b>
-<a href="libraries/tcl8.0.5.tar.gz">TCL
-8.0.5 source code</a> and <a href="libraries/tk8.0.5.tar.gz">TK
-8.0.5 source code</a> with <a href="libraries/INST_tcltk_libs_source.txt">compile
-Original <a href="http://www.scriptics.com/products/tcltk/">Tcl/tk library
-<b>Precompiled binaries:</b>
-Linux/Intel: <a href="libraries/tcltk8.0.5_libs_linux.tar.gz">tcltk8.0.5
-libraries</a>. Installation: Unpack package in / (root directory) - <a href="libraries/README_tcltk80_libs.txt">full
-Solaris2.6/SUN: <a href="libraries/tcltk8.0.5_libs_solaris26.tar.gz">tcltk8.0.5
-libraries</a>. Installation: Unpack package in / (root directory) - <a href="libraries/README_tcltk80_libs.txt">full
-<hr><a href="welcome.html">Back to GRASS GIS pages</a>
+<hr><a href="../index.html">Back to GRASS GIS pages</a>
 (c) 1998-2000 by Markus Neteler</address>

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