[GRASSweb-list]Problem with pre-compiled binaries NVIZ

Fernando Zuriaga fzuriaga at tissat.es
Tue Feb 11 13:17:04 EST 2003

Hello, I have a problem when I want to execute the NVIZ, the 
program tell me: don't file the file CYGTCL80.DLL, but the file that 
are in my system is CYGTCL83.DLL. What can I do to solve this 
problem???. I install the file: grass5.0.0pre3_i686-pc-
cygwin_bin.tar.gz and xtcltk-8.3.4-CYGWIN.tar.gz.
I run GRASS without problems in W200 with CYGWIN, the only 
module that don't works is NVIZ.

Thanks in advanced:
Fenando Zuriaga

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