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Mon Feb 17 09:44:57 EST 2003

Author: markus

Update of /grassrepository/web/gdp
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some cleanup, this page is still a mess

Index: index.html
RCS file: /grassrepository/web/gdp/index.html,v
retrieving revision 1.39
retrieving revision 1.40
diff -u -d -r1.39 -r1.40
--- index.html	7 Feb 2003 12:27:10 -0000	1.39
+++ index.html	17 Feb 2003 14:44:54 -0000	1.40
@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@
   <tr valign="top">
  <td valign="top" bgcolor="#ffffff"> 
- <li> GRASS 5.x online <a href="html_grass5/index.html">MANUAL pages</a></li>
+ <li> GRASS 5.0.x online <a href="html_grass5/index.html">MANUAL pages</a></li>
         <a href="html_grass5/export.html">Data export commands</a>, <a
  href="html_grass5/import.html">Data import commands</a>, <a
@@ -175,12 +175,12 @@
  <li>Command Translations: <a href="http://www.um.es/geograf/sig/SIGgf2000/comandos.html">
  Espagnol (incompleta)</a></li>
- <li> GRASS 5.x <a
+ <li> GRASS 5.0.x <a
  href="grassmanuals/">printable manual pages</a> (in PDF format)</li>
   <li> GRASS <a
  href="http://grass.itc.it/gdp/html_grass5/searchhtml.html">searchable MANUAL
-  <li> <a href="grassmanuals/grass50_commands_sorted.html">GRASS 5.0 command
+  <li> <a href="grassmanuals/grass50_commands_sorted.html">GRASS 5.0.x command
 arranged by functionality</a> - a <a
  href="grassmanuals/grass50_commands_sorted.pdf">PDF</a> file</li>
@@ -340,28 +340,24 @@
   <tr valign="top">
  <td valign="top" bgcolor="#ffffff"> 
- <li> <a href="../grass5/progmangrass50.pdf">GRASS 5 Programmer's Manual</a>
+ <li> <a href="../grass5/progmangrass50.pdf">GRASS 5.0.x Programmer's Manual</a>
-  <li> <a href="../grassdevel.html">GRASS 5.0 Library Functions</a> (definitions) 
-  <li> <a href="../grass5/binary/linux/README.html">GRASS 5 installation
-guide</a> (online)</li>
-  <li> <a href="../grass5/source/">GRASS 5 compiling guide</a> (online)</li>
+  <li> GRASS 5.0 installation guide: See READMEs where you download the binaries</li>
+  <li> <a href="../grass5/source/INSTALL">GRASS 5.0.x compiling guide</a> (online)</li>
   <li> <a
-with GRASS tutorial</a> by Jo Wood (online)</li>
+ with GRASS tutorial</a> by Jo Wood (online, partially outdated)</li>
   <li> <a href="../grass43/manuals/install42.pdf">GRASS 4.x installation
-and compiling guide</a> (PDF)</li>
+ and compiling guide</a> (PDF)</li>
   <li> <a href="../grass421/manuals/">GRASS 4.2 programmer's tutorial</a>
 - (Acrobat PDF, local copy)</li>
   <li> <a href="install-compile/progman.ps.gz">GRASS 4.1 Programmer's manual</a>
  (Postscript, 345 pages) with <a
  href="install-compile/progman_index.ps.gz">Index</a> and two correction
-sheets (<a href="install-compile/progman_ex1.ps.gz">1</a>,<a
+ sheets (<a href="install-compile/progman_ex1.ps.gz">1</a>,<a
   <li> <a href="install-compile/srcdefs.ps.gz">GRASS 4.1 Source directory
-definitions</a>, responsibilities and programming standards</li>
+ definitions</a>, responsibilities and programming standards</li>

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