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   <title>GRASS 5.1 Usage examples</title>

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GRASS 5.1 Troubleshooting
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<a href="index.html">Tutorial HOME</a> |
<a href="demo.html">Demo LOCATION</a> |
<a href="geom_storage.html">Geometry management</a> |
<a href="attrib_storage.html">Attribute management</a> |
<a href="examples.html">Usage Examples</a> | <br>
<a href="troubleshooting.html">Troubleshooting</a> |
<a href="links.html">Links</a>

GRASS 5.1 is currently under development. It is neither complete (it still
contains only a few modules) nor it is intended for productional usage. 
Development releases are provided for people who want to help test, debug,
and improve GRASS 5.1. Knowing this, please read on.

<i><b>Disclaimer:</b> These examples described here may work or
        not. You are kindly invited to send us further examples and/or
        code bugfixes/enhancements.</i>

<h3>The default settings</h3>

<b>Default settings for vector geometry:</b><p>

Per default all GRASS 5.1 vectors are stored in native 5.1 format within the
directory $GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/vector/$MAP/. All map related
data such as geometry data, spatial index, DB-connection (dbln file) info
etc. are stored in this directory. Maps can be read from SHAPE files
directly, read and written to PostGRASS (using PostGIS) and in future
through OGR. See <i>Geometry management</i> below for details. <p>

<b>Default settings for vector attributes</b><p>

Per default all GRASS 5.1 vector attributes are stored in a DBF table within
the directory $GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/dbf. The default settings
(DBMI driver and DATABASE) can be modified with 'v.database'.
See <i>Attribute management</i> below for details.

<h3>Tutorial Quick Guide</h3>

The table does not refer to all <a href="examples.html#toc">examples</a>, please
also check the individual tables of contents. You can combine the different
storage methods for geometry and attributes. Per default "Native format"
geometry storage and DBF attribute storage is used.

<table border=2>
<td bgcolor="#FFF0B0"></td>
<td colspan="8" bgcolor="#FFF0B0">
 <td bgcolor="#FFF0B0"> </td>
 <td bgcolor="#D0F0D0"><b>Native (default)</b></td>
 <td bgcolor="#D0F0D0"><b>DBF  (default)</b></td>
 <td bgcolor="#F0F0F0"><b>mySQL</b></td>
 <td bgcolor="#F0F0F0"><b>PostgreSQL</b></td>
 <td bgcolor="#F0F0F0"><b>ODBC</b></td>
 <td bgcolor="#FFF0B0"><b>Geometry</b> </td>
 <td bgcolor="#D0F0D0">
     2D/3D vectors,
     <a href="geom_storage.html#native">Def.</a> / 
     <a href="ex_basic.html#convert">Ex.</a></td>
 <td>2D/3D vectors,
     <a href="geom_storage.html#SHAPE">Def.</a> /
     <a href="geom_storage.html#SHAPE">Ex.1</a> /
     <a href="ex_basic.html#ogr_export">Ex.2</a>  </td>
 <td>needs PostgreSQL ,
     pseudotopology [1],
     <a href="geom_storage.html#PostGRASS">Def.</a> / 
     <a href="ex_complex.html#postgismapserver">Ex.</a></td>
 <td align="center"> <i>not yet implemented</i> </td>
 <td align="center"  bgcolor="#D0F0D0"> -- </td>
 <td align="center"  bgcolor="#F0F0F0"> -- </td>
 <td bgcolor="#F0F0F0">with PostGIS,
     <i>see there</i></td>
 <td align="center"  bgcolor="#F0F0F0"> -- </td>
 <td bgcolor="#FFF0B0"><b>Attributes</b> </td>
 <td bgcolor="#D0F0D0">reads/writes DBF tables,
     <i>see there</i></td>
 <td>with DBF,
     <i>see there</i></td>
 <td>with PostgreSQL,
     <i>see there</i></td>
 <td align="center"> <i>not yet implemented</i> </td>
 <td bgcolor="#D0F0D0">Int, Double, String, DateTime (?),
     <a href="attrib_storage.html#DBF">Def.</a> / 
     <a href="ex_basic.html#db_copy">Ex.</a></td>
 <td bgcolor="#F0F0F0">Int, Double, String, DateTime (?),
     <a href="attrib_storage.html#mySQL">Def.</a></td>
 <td bgcolor="#F0F0F0">Int, Double, String, DateTime (?),
     <a href="attrib_storage.html#PostgreSQL">Def.</a> /
     <a href="ex_basic.html#db_copy">Ex.</a></td>
 <td bgcolor="#F0F0F0">links to various <a href="http://www.unixodbc.org">RDBMS</a> ,
     <a href="attrib_storage.html#ODBC">Def.</a> </td>
<td bgcolor="#FFF0B0">Legend:</td>
<td colspan="8">
<i>Def.: Definition, Ex.: Example, --: not applicable</i></td>
<td bgcolor="#FFF0B0">Remarks:</td>
<td colspan="8">

[1] PostGRASS/PostGIS support: Geometry primitives (points, lines, boundaries,
centroids) are stored in PostGIS and topology is build in GRASS. This is
implemented for reading and writing but not (yet) for update.
PostGRASS data are not OGC Simple Features compliant as GRASS uses topology.
That means that e.g. MapServer cannot see PostGRASS/PostGIS polygons, but
only lines/boundaries and points.


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