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Wed Jan 29 05:48:29 EST 2003

Author: markus

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table cosmetics

Index: index.html
RCS file: /grassrepository/web/grass51/tutorial/index.html,v
retrieving revision 1.7
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -u -d -r1.7 -r1.8
--- index.html	28 Jan 2003 14:58:21 -0000	1.7
+++ index.html	29 Jan 2003 10:48:27 -0000	1.8
@@ -44,19 +44,22 @@
 <h3>Tutorial Quick Guide</h3>
-The table does not refer to all <a href="examples.html">examples</a>. Please check also the
-individual tables of contents.
+The table does not refer to all <a href="examples.html">examples</a>, please
+also check the individual tables of contents. You can combine the different
+storage methods for geometry and attributes. Per default "Native" (local)
+geometry storage and DBF attribute storage is used.
 <table border=2>
-<td colspan="7">
+<td bgcolor="#FFF0B0"></td>
+<td colspan="7" bgcolor="#FFF0B0">
- <td> </td>
- <td><b>Native</b></td>
+ <td bgcolor="#FFF0B0"> </td>
+ <td bgcolor="#B0F0B0"><b>Native</b></td>
@@ -65,8 +68,8 @@
- <td><b>Geometry</b> </td>
- <td>default format<br>
+ <td bgcolor="#FFF0B0"><b>Geometry</b> </td>
+ <td bgcolor="#B0F0B0">default format<br>
      2D/3D vectors<br>
      <a href="geom_storage.html#native">Def.</a> / 
@@ -86,8 +89,8 @@
  <td align="center"> -- </td>
- <td><b>Attributes</b> </td>
- <td>uses DBF tables per default<br>
+ <td bgcolor="#FFF0B0"><b>Attributes</b> </td>
+ <td bgcolor="#B0F0B0">uses DBF tables per default<br>
      <i>see there</i></td>
  <td>with DBF<br>
      <i>see there</i></td>
@@ -101,11 +104,11 @@
  <td>Int/Double/String, DateTime (?) <br>
      <a href="attrib_storage.html#PostgreSQL">Def.</a> /
      <a href="examples.html#db_copy">Ex.</a></td>
- <td>links to various RDBMS <br>
+ <td>links to various <a href="http://www.unixodbc.org">RDBMS</a> <br>
      <a href="attrib_storage.html#ODBC">Def.</a> </td>
+<td bgcolor="#FFF0B0">&nbsp;</td>
 <td colspan="7">
 <i>Def.: Definition, Ex. Example</i>

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