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+++ index.html	7 Mar 2003 08:21:38 -0000	1.5
@@ -14,19 +14,30 @@
 <center><a href="../images/nviz22_big.jpg"><DEFANGED_IMG src="../images/nviz22.jpg"></a></center>
+NVIZ is a GRASS module which allows users to realistically render multiple
+surfaces in a 3D space, optionally using thematic coloring, draping GRASS
+vector files over the surfaces, and displaying GRASS site files either
+draped on the surfaces or as 3D point locations.
+The NVIZ code is part of the standard GRASS source code
 Related links:</h3>
-<a href="../gdp/nviz/index.html">NVIZ
+<a href="../gdp/nviz/index.html">NVIZ Tutorial</a></li>
 <a href="../nvizlist.html">NVIZ
 visualization tool Mailing List</a> For the latest info and development
 issues on using NVIZ and GRASS
-<hr width=70%></li>
+<hr width=70%>
 NVIZ <a href="http://freegis.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/~checkout~/grass/src.contrib/GMSL/NVIZ2.2/BUGS_TODO">TODO
@@ -43,13 +54,14 @@
 the mpeg_encode software: <a href="../faq/mpegparam.txt">mpegparam.txt</a>.
 Adjust the file name and the number of images you want to convert. Finally
 use <a href="ftp://mm-ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/pub/multimedia/mpeg/play/">mpeg_play</a>
-to play the film.</menu>
+to play the film.
-Examples done with NVIZ 3D
+<h2> Examples done with NVIZ 3D tool</h2></center>

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