[GRASSweb-list]email not delivered

Martin Wegmann m.wegmann at web.de
Sat Mar 22 09:40:26 EST 2003

hello GRASS-weblist, 

I send recently two email concerning cross-correlation to the GRASSLIST at baylor.edu. but they neither were distributed through the list (I never received my own mail) nor appeared the message in the archive. 
BTW i get all the other messages. 

cheers Martin


Martin Wegmann
Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology
Zoology III, Biocenter
Am Hubland
D-97074 Würzburg
wegmann at biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de
m.wegmann at web.de

E-Mails sehen immer gleich aus? Aber nicht bei WEB.DE FreeMail!

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