[GRASSweb-list]Centralisation of GIS through ESRI and ERDAS

Daan Vreugdenhil daanv at birdlist.org
Sat Mar 29 13:52:58 EST 2003

Dear GRASS distributor,
The big-name GIS developers have become a major centralising agent in
the use of GIS applications, which is harmfull for the scientific and
volunteer world of public participation, particularly in developing
countries.  For further detail read my webpage:

I recently heard about GRASS and was enthousiastic about the concepts of
free GIS software.  This can be a very inportant aid for lots of
developing countries where I work!

However, when I went to your page, I found myself completely lost! I
have no clue on how to download the actual programme.  I can't even
recognise what the actual programme is.  
Thoough I am not a advanced GIS expert, I do manage a number of
applications necessary in my field, and I am certainly not a computer
illiterate.  If a person like I cannot find and download, let alone
install the programme, there either is something wrong in the
presentation of the availability of the programme in your website design
or in accessibility of your programme for a broader public.

As the principle of GRASS is so fantastic, I would really like to see
that it be developed to be sufficient userfriendly that:
A: the file of the programme are easily downloadable
B: the programme can be easily installed through a kind of windowsy
process with an installation wizard.

I would appreciate knowing if there is a more userfriendly way of
acquiring and installing the programme, so that I can test it and
include a paragraph on it on my web page.
With kind regards,

Dr. Ir. Daan Vreugdenhil
Director World Institute for Conservation & Environment
1654 Steamboatrun Road  
Shepherdstown, WV25443, USA      
Tel:    304 876 1077

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