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MacOSX FAQ extended (from Jeshua Lacock)

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--- README.html	7 May 2003 12:18:24 -0000	1.10
+++ README.html	15 May 2003 11:27:49 -0000	1.11
@@ -224,6 +224,72 @@
+  I've uncompressed and unpacked OpenOSX's 'additions' and see that they 
+  contain under 'Patches' the files 'OpenOSX-gis_set.tcl.diff', '... 
+  -gui.tcl.diff', '... -lint.sh.diff', and '... -tcltkgrass.diff'.  
+  Anyone wish to clarify what these do/what advantage they provide?  
+  Also 'Binaries' contains 'appToFront' and 'launchURL'.
+ If you wish to use the binaries, it is advised to install them to 
+ "/usr/local/bin".
+ Mac OS X allows the use of special/reserved characters in file names 
+ such as the exclamation mark ("!") and the space character (" ").
+ This was causing gis_set.tcl and other Tcl scripts to choke using the 
+ native Aqua Tcl/Tk interface when encountering a file with illegal unix 
+ characters.
+ It turns out the most elegant solution I could come up with was to 
+ create a wrapper for the "ls" command to escape the exclamation marks 
+ and to wrap the filename in quotes to compensate for spaces and other 
+ special characters.
+ The wrapper is a shell script using awk and sed, and then I simply 
+ changed occurrences of "ls -a" with "lsWrap -a" and so on. I can supply 
+ patches if anyone is interested.
+ Here's the wrapper:
+ lsWrap:
+     #!/bin/sh
+     /bin/ls -1 $* | awk '{print "\"" $0 "\"" }' | sed s/\!/\\\\!/g
+ The OpenOSX additions also enable native Mac OS X online help.
+ In "gui.tcl", I changed:
+      set html(netscape) "netscape"
+      ..
+      set html(pre)      "file:"
+      ..
+      set cmd [list exec $html(netscape) -remote openURL\($url,new-window,$html(raise)\)]
+        (and all instances of $html(netscape) -remote openURL)
+ To:
+      set html(netscape) "/usr/local/bin/launchURL"
+      ..
+      set html(pre)      "file://"
+       ..
+      set cmd [list exec $html(netscape) $url]
+ launchURL is a very simple Mac OS X (carbon) program that I wrote that 
+ will open the passed URL to the system's preferred browser (which the 
+ user may set in their "Internet System Preference"). The preference of 
+ opening a new window or to use the current window is also a OS X 
+ preference. I can supply the source code (with a Makefile) and or 
+ binaries if anyone is interested.
+ I also wrote a simple program to bring Wish to the foreground. Often 
+ when the GUI was launched it was not visible as it was often hidden 
+ behind a XTerm or other window(s), so the program I wrote just brings 
+ it to the front (both for connivence and to avoid potential confusion). 
+ I then added a couple lines to execute the program in a couple key 
+ locations (in gis_set.tcl and in tcltkgrass).
+ [Jeshua Lacock, <jeshua at OpenOSX.com>]
  I recently installed GRASS 5 pre3 precompiled binaries on Mac OSX, 
  and am getting an error when I start NVIZ:

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