[GRASSweb-list]Q: Open ArcView files with GRASS?

Kati kati at kati.cc
Mon Nov 3 16:49:22 EST 2003


Someone supplied me with ArcView files, but I have no intentions of 
buying the (costly) ArcView application for the purpose.

I'm new this and so I'm not sure if GRASS can be used to 
open/manipulate ArcView files with, or at least I can't find anything 
about it by briefly looking at your website.

Can you kindly tell me if it may be possible? before I attempt to 
compile GRASS. Or in case you know if there are other open source 
application(s) available which you would recommend for the purpose?

The ArcView files I have, has the suffixes: .avl, .shp, .prj, .shx, 
.sbn and .dbf. Many thanks for any tips you may have!


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