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 This may take some time depending on network speed and table size.
+<p><table width="100%" cellpadding="3" border="0">
+<tr><td align="left" bgcolor="#B0F0B0"><font color="#00000"><big><b>
+<a name="dist"></a>
+Distances from one climatic station to others (point to point distances)
+<DIV ALIGN=right><a href="#toc">[UP]</a></DIV>
+Assume you have a map of climatic stations and you want to know all
+distances from a certain station to all others. Easy to solve:
+<div class="code"><pre>
+#show all meteo stations:
+d.vect meteostations displ=shape,attr att=name
+#highlight station of interest:
+d.vect meteostations displ=shape,attr att=name where="name='Dos Gaggio'" col=yellow
+#extract station of interest (vector point) into a new map:
+v.extract meteostations out=stationdg  where="name='Dos Gaggio'"
+d.vect stationdg col=blue lcol=blue
+Now we can calculate the distances from all stations to the selected
+<div class="code"><pre>
+#(take care for the 'max' parameter for maximum distance):
+v.distance -p from=meteostations to=stationdg col=dist up=dist
+#print with distances sorted:
+v.distance -p from=meteostations to=stationdg col=dist up=dist | sort -n -k 2 -t '|'
+With 'd.what.vect' or another 'db.select' query could can look up the names
+for the station IDs.

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