[GRASSweb-list]Urgent response?

Samuel coker samcoker at katamail.com
Tue Oct 14 19:06:07 EDT 2003

                 I am not happy with the way you have not responseded to my call and mail torwards this issue at hand hope , All is well and you are in reciept of my previous mails for i am getting worried on not getting a response from you by now i hope you get this mail and act torwards this mails i have sent ,,,
                  I want to hope that by now you have called the bank and all is well torwards the transfer which is suppose to begin by next week like i have explaned in my previuos mail,And must say that a constant communication thru phone or mails,Will be highly appreciated and neccersary at this point in our dealings for now and wish you get this mail and understand me?
                   I will like for you to give me a update from your calls to the swiss bank ,,,And updates on what you have recieved so far so i can tell you what to recieve within the week and hope you understood my plight on the pick up of the items by friday, And the reciepts of payments of the items i am yet to send to you ,,,As my previous mail indicated pls reply .Asap,

Regards ,

Samuel coker.

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