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Fri Apr 9 09:08:52 EDT 2004

Author: markus

Update of /grassrepository/web
In directory doto:/tmp/cvs-serv26906

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Index: demo.html
RCS file: /grassrepository/web/demo.html,v
retrieving revision 1.9
retrieving revision 1.10
diff -u -d -r1.9 -r1.10
--- demo.html	14 Mar 2004 19:43:49 -0000	1.9
+++ demo.html	9 Apr 2004 13:08:50 -0000	1.10
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
 <li><a href=http://www.ofset.org/projects/edusoft/edusoft.html>Freeduc</a>:  Directory of free software for schools</li>
 <li><a href=http://www.geomancers.net/gisix.html>GISIX</a>: GRASS on Knoppix</li>
-<!-- <li><a href=http://morphix.sourceforge.net>Morphix Scientific</a>: see MorphixMini-scientific.mod</li> -->
+<li><a href=http://freesoftware.keltron.org/gismorphixcd.html>GisMorphix</a>: a GNU/Linux distribution for GIS and scientific applications
  <li><a href=http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/quantian.html>Quantian</a>: The Quantian Scientific Computing Environment
     (includes also openMosix to build a cluster on-the-fly)</li>
 <li><a href=http://www.sourcepole.com/sources/software/gis-knoppix/>SOURCEPOLE GIS Knoppix</a>: GRASS, UMN MapServer,

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