[GRASSweb-list]i'm some question about grass

zeal zeal zealven at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 15 23:01:25 EDT 2004

Dear Sir,
      sorry for troubling you a lot. i'm a university student who is 
learning sth sbout GIS. i met some problem while compiling grass57.
      while i'm compiling grass57, there is a mistake. before that, i've 
installed grass53. i typed
                 ./configure --with-grass50=/home/zxu/grass53source
      but there is a error messege:
                 checking for proj_api.h... no
                 configure: error: *** Unable to locate External PROJ.4 
      then, i'm in a loss, and actually, i can't even find proj_api.h in my 
computer. could you please spare some time on it. Thank you very much for 
your help. and i'm looking forward your reply.

Best Regards

Zealven Xu

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