[GRASSweb-list]Bad links on http://grass.itc.it/devel/index.php

Aleksey Naumov alex.naumov at sympatico.ca
Wed Dec 29 18:54:40 EST 2004

Dear GRASS web manager 

Thank you for the great work updating the web site, it looks much better. I 
hit some bad/missing links while browsing the "GRASS: Development" page 
(http://grass.itc.it/devel/index.php), and decided to check all the links 
from this page. Here's a summary of problems:

GRASS Developers World Map     bad link
missing man pages        page moved
existing GRASS 5 man-pages     page moved
Download official GRASS 5 releases   points to the same page

Under "Compiling GRASS":
 precompiled binaries      page moved
 REQUIREMENTS.html       page moved
 INSTALL          page moved
 Some hints are also collected here page moved
 developers mailing list archive  page moved
Under "GRASS 5 Programmer's Manual"
 GRASS 5.0/5.3: PDF      page moved
       CVS server    page moved
      r.example: example C code for GRASS 5 raster programming   page moved

 GRASS 5.7:
  PDF and HTML        page moved
Under "Code submission":
 Coding standards: ... here    page moved
 GRASS Add-on submission: go here  page moved
 OUTGOING directory       page moved
Under "GRASS related projects/libraries":
 GRASS related projects      page moved
Under "Related software":
 tcltkgrass         page moved
 NVIZ           page moved
 G3D modules         page moved

Also, the link on the page "The page has 
moved!!" (http://grass.itc.it/devel/gdp/html_grass5/index.html) is broken:
 Go to main page       page moved

Hopefully this helps a little bit.
Thanks again for the great work with GRASS!


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