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 <p>For details on GRASS software capabilities please refer to:
 <a href="../general.html">http://grass.itc.it/general.html</a></p>
-<h3>What's new in GRASS 5.7.0</h3>
+<table align="center" width="80%" cellspacing="3" border="0">
+<tr valign="top"><td>
+ <a href=../images/grass570_displaymanager_gardalake_srtm.jpg><DEFANGED_IMG src=../images/grass570_displaymanager_gardalake_srtm_small.jpg></a><br>
+ <i>GRASS 5.7.0 Display manager showing the<br>
+    Italian Garda Lake (VMAP0 and SRTM data)</i>
+ <a href=../images/grass570_vdigit_spearfish.jpg><DEFANGED_IMG src=../images/grass570_vdigit_spearfish_small.jpg></a><br>
+ <i>New GRASS 5.7.0 vector digitizing tool</i>
+<tr><td><a href=http://mpa.itc.it/radim/g51/index.html>Further Screenshots</a></td><td></td></tr>
+<h3>What's new in GRASS 5.7.0</h3>
 <p><b>Geometry management:</b>
 GRASS 5.7.0 comes with a completely overhauled vector engine which is
@@ -57,6 +71,7 @@
 GIS software can be imported (allowing for topological data clean-up) as 
 well as live-linked into the GRASS database. The new Directed Graph 
 Library provides support for vector network analysis.
+Vector map overlays, intersections and extraction of features are implemented.
 <P><b>Attribute management:</b>
 The new vector engine includes full and flexible integration of database 

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