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 <dd>Updates to the <em>nviz</em> 3-D visualisation tool include experimental loading
 and saving of 3d.view files from the GRASS database, off-screen rendering and
 implementation of many planned features for which 'stub' functionality only has
-existed up to now.</dd>
+existed up to now. In addition the new module <em>d.nviz</em> allows automated
+creation of fly-through animations in nviz.</dd>
 <dt><strong>Experimental LIDAR processing tools</strong><dt>
 <dd><em>s.bspline.reg</em>, <em>s.correction</em>, <em>s.edgedetection</em>, 
@@ -105,8 +106,70 @@
 <dt><strong>Experimental large-scale watershed computation</strong><dt>
-<dt><strong>Useful scripts</strong><dt>
+<dt><strong>G3D 3-D Raster Voxel tools enabled</strong><dt>
+<dd>The 3-D raster processing tools are fully enabled in this release of
+GRASS. This includes the modules
+<em>s.vol.idw</em> and
+<dt><strong>MATLAB import and export</strong><dt>
+<dd>GRASS can now import and export rasters from the MATLAB binary '.mat'
+format. The relevant modules are <em>r.in.mat</em> and <em>r.out.mat</em></dd>
+<dt><strong>Raster time series Statistical Analysis</strong><dt>
+<dd><em>r.series</em> can be used to create an output raster map where each 
+cell value is a statistical function (average, count, median, mode, minimum, 
+maximum, stddev, sum, variance, diversity, slope or offset)
+of the values of the corresponding cells in all the input raster maps.</dd>
+<dt><strong>Vis5D Output</strong><dt>
+<dd><em>r3.in.v5d</em> and <em>r3.out.v5d</em> already exist to allow data
+conversion between Vis5D and GRASS G3D format. Now in addition 2-D raster
+and vector data can be output to a Vis5D model (for further enhanced
+visualisation) using the new modules <em>r.out.v5d.topo</em> and
+<em>v.out.v5d.map</em>. <em>g.region.v5d</em> sets the region from a Vis5D
+<dt><strong>Other new modules</strong><dt>
+<dd>Miscellaneous new modules include 
+<em>r.univar2</em> and
@@ -120,9 +183,9 @@
 in the other. Even if datum transformation parameters were specified (e.g. dx, dy,
 dz) they were ignored and the NADCON tables used. In GRASS 5.3 any datum 
 transformation parameters present in the PROJ_INFO file will be used. These are 
-likely to be less accurate than the NADCON transformation (unless g.setproj is re-run
+likely to be less accurate than the NADCON transformation (unless <em>g.setproj</em> is re-run
 for the location and the NADCON parameters specifically selected). Many more
-datum transformation options are available in this release of GRASS and g.setproj
+datum transformation options are available in this release of GRASS and <em>g.setproj</em>
 should be re-run if in any doubt that the location is using the most up-to-date
 datum parameters.</p>

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