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   <title> GRASS 5.4 Information and Features </title>

<a href=../index.html><DEFANGED_IMG SRC="../images/grass.smlogo.gif" alt="HOME" ALT="grasslogo"
border="0" ALIGN=CENTER></A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;GRASS 5.4 Information and Features
 <A HREF="#general">General Information</A> -
 <A HREF="#manuals">GRASS 5 Manuals</A> -
 <A HREF="#bugs">Bug reports | ToDo</A> -
 <A HREF="../grassdevel.html">Developers forum</A> -
 <A HREF="#cluster">GRASScluster</A> -
 <A HREF="#credits">Credits</A> -
 <A HREF="#download">Download</A> - 
 <a href="../grasscvs.html">CVS repository</a>

<a name="general"></a>
<h2>General information</h2>

There are now 3 GRASS branches:
<li>5.4 (CVS repository "grass", branch "releasebranch_5_4").
<li>5.5 (CVS repository "grass", HEAD).
<li>5.7 (CVS repository "grass51", HEAD).

<b>5.4</b> is the stable branch, from which the various 5.4.x releases are
derived. Future releases from this branch will contain only
bug-fixes or minor, backward-compatible improvements. 5.4.0
was released 5 November 2004. See See <a href=../grass5/index.html>related web pages</a>.
<b>5.5</b> is the dead-end development version of 5.4. Only minor changes that
are not forward compatible with version 5.7 onwards go in here. Also, minor bugfixes
will typically go into 5.5 initially, then get merged back to the 5.4 branch later.
There are also some minor changes that are too intrusive to go into the 5.4.x
releases (e.g. because they break backwards compatibility, or
introduce additional dependencies). All new development takes place in 5.7.
<b>5.7</b> is the experimental version which was previously referred to as
"5.1". See <a href=../grass57/index.html>related web pages</a>. Current
development effort is strongly focussed on this version.
For features details, please refer to the <a href="../roadmap.html">Roadmap</a>.

<h2>Status of version:</h2>
GRASS 5.4.0: released 5 November 2004.

<h2>What's new in current release of GRASS 5.4.x?</h2>
See <a href="../announces/announce_grass530.html">Press release</a>,
<a href="source/NEWS.html">NEWS list</a>, and 
for details, please read the detailed changes <A HREF="source/ChangeLog">HISTORY</a>.

<h2>How stable is GRASS 5.4.x?</h2>

GRASS 5.4.x has been tested on Linux, MacOSX, WindowsNT/2000/XP and Silicon
Graphics Irix systems. It is recommended for daily production usage.

<h2>Large File Support</h2>

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