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Thu Apr 14 05:04:45 EDT 2005

Author: markus

Update of /grassrepository/web/grass60/binary/linux/snapshot
In directory doto:/tmp/cvs-serv3592/binary/linux/snapshot

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maintain only 6.0.x stuff in these subdirectories

Index: README.html
RCS file: /grassrepository/web/grass60/binary/linux/snapshot/README.html,v
retrieving revision 1.2
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -u -d -r1.2 -r1.3
--- README.html	12 Mar 2005 17:57:22 -0000	1.2
+++ README.html	14 Apr 2005 09:04:43 -0000	1.3
@@ -3,23 +3,24 @@
    <DEFANGED_meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
    <DEFANGED_meta name="Author" content="GRASS Development Team/MN">
-   <TITLE>GRASS 6.1.cvs experimental GNU/Linux binaries</TITLE>
+   <TITLE>GRASS 6.0.cvs experimental GNU/Linux binaries</TITLE>
-<H1>GRASS 6.1.cvs experimental GNU/Linux binaries</H1>
+<H1>GRASS 6.0.cvs experimental GNU/Linux binaries</H1>
 <h2>How to install the Linux (x86/Intel) binary code for
-GRASS 6.1.cvs EXPERIMENTAL in gzipped tar format.</h2>
+GRASS 6.0.cvs in gzipped tar format.</h2>
+This directory contains the weekly generated CVS binary snapshot of GRASS 6.0.1.<br>
+<b>This is a bugfix release only.</b>
-<b>Note: Occasionally, weekly snapshots may not work properly; in 
-case, please revert to a previous version.</b>
 You can install and use GRASS 6 in parallel to GRASS 5.0/5.4.
-  <li>get the file  <br>grass-6.1.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY.tar.gz</li>
-  <li>get the installation script <br> grass-6.1.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY-install.sh</li>
+  <li>get the file  <br>grass-6.0.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY.tar.gz</li>
+  <li>get the installation script <br> grass-6.0.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY-install.sh</li>
@@ -30,16 +31,16 @@
 For installation, run the install script with --help option:<br>
-  <li>sh grass-6.1.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY-install.sh --help  </li>
+  <li>sh grass-6.0.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY-install.sh --help  </li>
-  <li>./grass-6.1.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY-install.sh --help  </li>
+  <li>./grass-6.0.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY-install.sh --help  </li>
 Or without help, directly:<br>
-  <li>sh grass-6.1.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY-install.sh grass60-DD-MM-YYYY-arc-bin.tar.gz</li>
+  <li>sh grass-6.0.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY-install.sh grass60-DD-MM-YYYY-arc-bin.tar.gz</li>
-  <li>./grass-6.1.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY-install.sh grass60-DD-MM-YYYY-arc-bin.tar.gz</li>
+  <li>./grass-6.0.cvs-ARCH-DD_MM_YYYY-install.sh grass60-DD-MM-YYYY-arc-bin.tar.gz</li>
 The following libraries and programs are required:
@@ -89,7 +90,7 @@
 Also, it is necessary to tell the system the location of grass libraries:<br><br>
 	vi /etc/ld.so.conf<br>
 	Add grass path, e.g.:<br>
-	/usr/local/grass-6.1.cvs-i686-pc-linux-gnu-14_01_2005/lib<br>
+	/usr/local/grass-6.0.cvs-i686-pc-linux-gnu-14_01_2005/lib<br>

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