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Chip Mefford cmefford at eruditium.org
Sat Apr 16 16:35:26 EDT 2005

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Good day;

I just set up a mirror at grass.mirror.eruditium.org

I'm just a few machines hanging on a dedicated T1 off
of ASN 7018 I have low traffic, few users.

I'm in the hills of West Virginia, and am hoping to
set up mirror sites for free software projects
that can be utilised in rural community development.
Right now, I am set up to mirror the gnu project
and grass. Hoping to add others.

I guess if ibiblio is a tier 2, then I would be
tier 100 ;)

At any rate, for folks in West Virginia and Rural
Pennsylvania/Ohio, I am close to some of their
peering sites, and can be of service to my
local community.

I am running a free (as in speech and beer)
small scale wISP.

I will not publish this mirror unless it's okay
with everyone.

I am really impressed with the growth of the
grass project, and really wish I was smart
enough to do more. I feel that GIS information
is much too important to be locked up behind
a proprietary wall. It would also be fun and
I think really productive to be able to include
k-12 projects into GIS, and I think that the grass
project is the best hope for these schools be
able to participate and contribute given their
limited and ever shrinking budgets.

At any rate, if it's okay that I offer this
mirror publicly, some clues as to how to keep
the mirror current, as it isn't in the ibiblio
pub list, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks kindly,
keep up the good work.

- --chipper

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