[GRASSweb-list]some pages require horizontal scrolling

Scott Mitchell smitch at mac.com
Mon Apr 25 21:23:38 EDT 2005

I'm pretty sure that's a broswer-dependent thing, not something 
controlled by the web page definition itself...

In any event, it works fine on my machine, reformatting the text so 
that it all fits down to a size somewhere around what I would guess is 
640 pixels wide (actually, it's probably controlled by the fact that 
the table in that page is defined as 650 pixels wide), then if I 
continue to make the window smaller I get a horizontal scroll bar 
automatically put in by my browser.

What platform/browser are you using ?

Scott Mitchell

On Apr 24, 2005, at 21:09, Dan Jacobson wrote:

> http://grass.itc.it/contact.php requires horizontal scrolling.
> It's not like everybody has a giant screen.
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